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Formatter error: Failed to create a number transform; the app returned “Invalid Syntax.”

  • 27 July 2022
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Trying to integrate Zapier into my Google Forms & Sheets for the first time ever.

The main goal: build a google form for swag requests from colleagues, then whatever amount of swag was requested we want our google sheet (inventory) to reflect the subtraction. Below i’ve attached my google sheet, and a picture of my 2nd step form.

I’m experiencing 404 errors in the process of linking.  Is it my sheet? What am i doing wrong?



Best answer by PaulDavidson 1 August 2022, 16:18

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Hey there, @peekster! Thanks for stopping by and welcome to the Zapier Community. 🤗

Do you mind sharing a screenshot of the error and where you’re seeing it? That may help us troubleshoot a bit with ya. In the meantime I might recommend taking a peek at some of these Google Sheets help articles as the setup can be very particular. 

Thanks so much and looking forward to digging into this with you. 🙂

Hey @christina.d ! 

Below i’ve attached the error message, and where i’m experiencing this error message. I’m really looking forward to digging into this too! 



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Hey @peekster 

Could you provide a screenshot of the Set up action for the Formatter step please?

Based on the error message it sounds like there might be some non-numerical data in there which isn't expected and which Formatter can't handle 

Thanks in advance, looking forward to getting to the bottom of this with you!

Hey @PaulDavidson ,
I’m trying to keep inventory of 7 items, is there anything i should add or remove from my Google sheet? I’ve attached my set-up action & my Google Sheet for reference.

I appreciate the help, and look forward to solving this! Thank you.

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I see! From that screenshot the typed text in the formatter step is causing the error

For what you have described your Zap will need to look something like this

  1. New Form Response
  2. Lookup Spreadsheet Row - to find the current inventory level
  3. Formatter by Zapier - Perform math operation, mapping the current inventory level from sheets and the purchased volume from the form
  4. Update Spreadsheet Row - to change the inventory level

Let me know how you get on with this, happy to take a look if you run into any further issues!