Formatter (Date/Time) not working consistently

  • 7 February 2022
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Hello, i have an automatization that convert date to + 6 month, but any cases doesn`t work correctly, can anyone help me? 


I have a good input:

But not good output: 




HOWEVER i have a similar case:


Good input: 

Good output: 


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3 replies

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Hi @devopsuser 

Your time format is not HH:mm:ss but H:mm:ss In your first screenshot the time is 9 not 09. 

Try that and see if your results are better. Otherwise, try removing the timestamp entirely and just using DD.MM.YYYY

@GetUWired thanks for answer! 

I have a case in the same Zap, where without 0 before HH:mm:ss. 

What you think about it? 

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You may need to add a Formatter > Text > Length step to detect the length of the Date string, then use Paths to handle accordingly.