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Find a Bubble thing by searching listed items

  • 23 February 2023
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I have a data type “orders” that contain a list of “order items”s unique ids. I am trying to compile these individually listed “order items” so they can be used in an invoice line items using the QB online integration. 


However, when I use the workflow “Find a Bubble Thing in Bubble” to search for unique IDs of order items from the listed order items unique IDs, nothing is found. I’ve tried variations “in list” “contains list” etc but nothing is working. I’ve tried formatter by Zapier as well to split text.


Any and all help is greatly appreciated, this is the one thing holding up my MVP.


UPDATE: I’ve used Utilities in Formatter by Zapier to convert line items to text. I can use this to Find a Bubble Thing in Bubble but it only works if I use the first item, I can’t select multiple or it isn’t found. I’m still stuck trying to turn this list into individual line items for an invoice...


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Ayy, @DaveMo! Stoked to hear you were able to sort this out. 🤗

Thanks for keeping us in the loop and sharing what ended up working for ya! 


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Hi @DaveMo 

Good question.

For us to have enough context, please provide detailed screenshot with how your Zap steps are configured along with specific examples from Bubble, thanks.



Above is the first step where I’m formatting a list of order items to individually order items.


Below I’m trying to find those individual items in Bubble. As you can see the output from step two seems to work.


However, when I test this action the keyword is a list again. It will work if I just use output item 1, then I suppose I can do the same Find a Bubble Thing in Bubble for Output Item 2, Item 3 etc etc. Technically that would work however, I wouldn’t know how to add those results as line items for Quickbooks online...


Below is the Quickbooks Online Create an Invoice.


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Heya @DaveMo

Full transparency, your question had me stumped! But I wanted to share a similar question here that may help us both get unstuck?

There’s also this handy guide my teammate Nick wrote on Formatter and line items specifically:

Also I may be way off base here but in your first screenshot for the search term field - does does adding a comma after every Output Item (ex: Output Item 1: xxx, Output Item 2: xxx, Output Item: 3: xxx, etc) change the format at all?

Keep us posted, we’d love to get to the bottom of this with ya!

Thank you @christina.d!


I was recently able to hack together a solution. I first had to create a zap to invoice. Then I created another Zap to update the invoice.


The problem was that I was able to find the order items for an order. However, I was not able to find specific fields for those order items. So what I did instead was create and save the fields (as lists ie price, quantity, description, price x quantity) I needed for the invoice and save those on the order level. Once I had that information I was able to update the invoice line items with the field lists that were created on the order level. 


They really did not make it easy but doing it this way I didn’t even need to use the zapier formatter. There were dozens of ways this could’ve worked where I got one step from the finish line.


On bubble side I also had to create a 15 second delay when triggering the zap to update the invoice in order for it to compile.