FB Leads don't trigger my ZAP. (Trigger it manually works perfectly)

  • 19 April 2023
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ZAP Step 1: 1. New Lead in Facebook Lead Ads
Trigger: New Lead

ZAP Step 2: Run Python in Code by Zapier


If I test with upcoming leads data and run the Python code manually it works perfectly, however New Lead in Facebook Lead Ads seems not picking up new leads and triggering Step 2.


3 replies

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Hey @lsc2023, welcome to the Community! 🙂

Usually issues with Facebook Lead Ads not triggering are caused by incorrect permissions. We have an article in Community that covers the permissions needed that I’d recommend checking out:

Can you give the details outlined in that article a read through to check the correct permissions are assigned to the connected Facebook account and let us know if that solves it? 

Hi @SamB I have full control over the Business Manager, Ad-account & page, Pixel and Lead access. 

No CRM is available as dropdown or search, so I set it to “Restore default access”.

Also, there are no option in Zapier to set the Custom Page ID as per your guide.


So far nothing changed. New leads are not triggering the Zap despite everything else is working.

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Hi @lsc2023,

I recommend contacting our Support team. They have the necessary tools to investigate the backend and identify the root cause of the problem.

You can reach our Support team by following this link:

Thanks! 😊