Failed to create a send email in Gmail: The value in the "To" field is invalid

I need to build a notification system that remind people inside my organization to complete a Form. I build this system and it's not working, but I don't know why.



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Hi @kaudal 

Good question.

Make sure to review the field description.

Multiple emails must be comma separated.


hi @Troy Tessalone I see… and how could I solve it?
Do you have any idea?

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Depends on how the data is returned from the GSheet Lookup Step.

Can you post a screenshot of those results?

@Troy Tessalone 

This is how zapier retrieves my data.

Then it puts it all together as you saw in the last image.


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You can try using this Zap action: Formatter > Utilities> Line-Item to Text

This should flatten and concatenate the returned emails.

NOTE: Make sure all the returned rows from the GSheet have a valid email address in a valid email format.