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Failed to create a person in NationBuilder: Error {"code":"bad_request","message":"Bad Request."}

  • 9 August 2023
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I have a couple of Zaps that are throwing an error when testing them

Error: {"code":"bad_request","message":"Bad Request."}

Both where working fine until recently the error started, the trigger is Webflow and it is meant to create/update a user in Nation Builder. In Nation Builder I have a custom filed called contact_form_message (see screenshot attached)


Again these were working fine before, I don’t understand why they suddenly stop working. Any ideas or suggestions?


Best answer by arkkitekktura 10 August 2023, 19:52

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Hi @arkkitekktura

No screenshot was attached.

Sorry, here it is.



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Can you show screenshots with how all your Zap steps are configured along with the encountered error?

Hi Troy,


Here are the screenshots, let me know if you need any other ones.



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One thing to check/try is to set a value for this field.


Try that, did not work, I am still getting a “bad request”. Not sure why this will be happening now, the Zaps where working prior, we did not changed anything on Nation Builder or Webflow. 

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Check the timestamp matches the approved formats.


If you have a Zapier paid plan, you can open a ticket with Zapier Support, who may be able to provide more guidance by looking at the underlying request logs.

Ok, I found the cause of the issue. For some reason the fields being passed where deprecated, they got rename from name to name2, email to email2 this cause Zapier to not receiving the correct data and be able to pass it. I rebuild the Zaps with the correct new fields names and now the are working. Thank you for your help.