Failed to create a draft email in Microsoft Outlook: Unable to create a draft email: Requested value 'New Customer.' was not found.

I am trying to learn Zapier by setting up a test.  


New order in Shopify, triggers email in Outlook.    The test in the Trigger found a new customer but when I run the test for the action, I get the following error:

Failed to create a draft email in Microsoft Outlook

Unable to create a draft email: Requested value 'New Customer.' was not found.

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Hey @Kacey49, welcome to the Community!

Hmm, judging by that error it sounds like “New Customer” wasn’t a value that one the fields were expecting.

What field was the value “New Customer” selected on? Was it one of the email fields (To Email(s), CC Email(s) or BCC Email(s)) by any chance? If so, I’d suggest selecting a field that contains an email address for the customer from the Shopify trigger instead. 

If it wasn’t in one of the email fields can you please share a screenshot of the fields selected on the Microsoft Outlook action? That’ll help us to better see what might be causing the error here. Don’t forget to hide/remove any private information from the screenshot first (like names, emails etc).

Looking forward to hearing from you! 🙂

Thank you.   I refreshed the fields and tried again, and got it to work.  Not sure what I did right this time,  LOL.


Here’s another question for you.    I am going to need to send information to a client so they can integrate to THEIR salesforce account.    To do this, do they just need to give me their sign in OR can I provide them with information on my end?   For example, ,when I receive a new Shopify order, I want it to feed into THEIR salesforce (or any CRM) account to make it a ‘lead’.   Is their a way , through Zapier, to create that action if I do not own both accounts?  


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Hi @Kacey49 -

Hopping in here to see if I can help out. I want to be sure I understand your request correctly, you’d like to have a New order in Shopify trigger an email to a customer, and then have another step send information to their Salesforce account? If yes, what information would you need mapped over (i.e, name, email, order number, etc.)?