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Failed to create a database item in Notion: {variable} is expected to be rich_text.

  • 20 November 2023
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I’ve create a Notino database with the column named TestA, and it’s a text column. 

I’m pulling some data from Asana (custom Extension App), and when I put the output to the Notion database I always have this errorr: {variable} is expected to be rich_text.

None of the options under “Formatter by Zapier” helped.


Does anyone knows how to get rid of this error?


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 20 November 2023, 19:29

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10 replies

Hi @Troy Tessalone 
I found out the issue. 

The Notion fields weren’t correctly refreshed the first time. 


After refreshing it, it was working. 

Thanks for the help !


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Please provide these 2 screenshots:

  1. How the field is configured in Notion
  2. The list of options from the ‘Some testings’ tab to the left of the ‘Custom’ tab.


@Troy Tessalone sure. 

The issue is that the text from the custom value isn’t rich text. And Notion only accepts rich text for Databases. 


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According to the screenshots you provided the field is a dropdown field.

You may need to refresh the fields in the Notion Zap step.

Can you post screenshots with how the field is configured in Notion?


The field “Some testing” is a text column in a Notion database. 
I don’t want to use the dropdown field. This is why I used the custom configuration because I want to take a custom value from an output of the App Extension from the 4th step. 

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The field “Some testing” is a dropdown field that has a list of options.

Check this help article about how to map dynamic values properly:


Hi @Troy Tessalone 

I’ve re-uploaded the files. 

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Only 1 of the 4 attachments uploaded.


Hi @Troy Tessalone 


I’ve attached the screenshot of the error, the action and the data used for the action. 


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Hi @trzsfolio 

Good question.

Can you post screenshots to give us more context?