Extracting specific codes from a Google Sheet cell using Zapier Formatter Split function.

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I have a cell in a Google Sheet that contains the result of 2 data inputs and it looks like this in the cell:


I want to be able to extract F11.20 and Z79.891

I know if I use the SPLIT function in Formatter I can get these codes separated but knowing in which order the output occurs consistently is difficult because the input maybe different codes…

So is there another way to identify these codes F11.20 and Z79.891?


Thanks for the help




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Hi @blueguy 

Good question.

One option to try might be to ask AI.

You can prompt AI in a Zap action step.

Be sure to provide examples for the AI to use as part of the prompt to help train the AI.




Named Variables

You can also tell AI to use named variables to format the output. (see related topic below)


Somewhat related article about using ChatGPT as an Email Parser:


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Thanks Troy….I will have to dig into the AI thing at some point.  I am guessing there is no feature in Zapier that will do that task…



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You can try using Formatter > Text > Extract Pattern (RegEx)

This involves knowing (regex) regular expression.


Code can be used as well.


If you need help, consider hiring a Certified Zapier Expert:

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I am familiar with the use of RegEx from Google Sheets, but I have yet to venture into using formulas in my Zaps….I probably should try it out….it would be useful





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Hi @blueguy,

Glad to hear that Troy was able to point you to the right direction!

Venturing into using formulas in your Zaps could indeed open up a whole new world of possibilities for you. It's a powerful way to manipulate and transform your data exactly the way you want.

Remember, it's all about experimenting and learning. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need any help along the way. Happy Zapping! 🚀