Error: Failed to find an order in WooCommerce "Forbidden" response received. HTTP status: "403"

  • 21 October 2022
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Hi I am trying to create a zap to update the order status in Woocommerce. I am having trouble trying to get things to work.  I am not sure if I have to ‘find’ the order first and then update or if I can just ‘update’ it.

To start things off to get comfortable with things I am playing around with trying to create an action to find an order but it is not working.  When I create the action I get the following screen below and I am not sure what to put in. Lets say I wan’t to find order 8700, what do I enter in the “Search item data” box?  I tried  id:8700 but I get an error  “Failed to find an order in WooCommerce
"Forbidden" response received. HTTP status: "403" on https:….”

In the end my trigger may be as simple as sending an email to Zapier with the order id number


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3 replies

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Hey @barryk let’s get you sorted here! Are you able to post a screenshot of how you have your WooCommerce action template set up? We should be able to tell pretty quickly what the issue is from there. 

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Hiya @barryk! Thanks for stopping by and welcome to community! Great question!

Before we jump in, it’s worth mentioning there’s a WooCommerce plugin that’s required before getting started with Zapier. 🙂 WooCommerce published a getting started guide and there’s also a few articles we have available here:

That being said, what is the trigger step? Sometimes it helps to think of zaps in terms of "When this happens in [blank] app, do that in WooCommerce."

In this case, I think you could probably use the WooCommerce “Order” trigger and then use Filter by Zapier to filter by the specific status. From there, you should be able to move right into the “Update Order” action.

  1. WooCommerce Trigger - Order
  2. Filter - Order Status
  3. WooCommerce Action - Update Order

I’ll also pop some resources below that may be useful if you’re just getting started with Zapier:

Oh and here’s a somewhat similar scenario that was mentioned in Community:

I hope some of this helps! Definitely keep us in the loop with how this is coming along - we’d love to know. 🤗

Hi Christina thanks for the information.


Yes I did set up the Woocommerce Zapier plugin and I have tested it and it seems to be working.


At this time I am just trying to do something very basic.  I am using the Zapier Email trigger and in the subject line I put the order number. In my zap this part works fine.  When I add the action  to “Find Order” I get the screen as shown above.  There are no fields showing up like I have seen in other zaps I have created (been a few months so maybe a little rusty).  I thought there might be somewhere where I could specify to the find the order based on the subject of the email but I don’t see anything.  Or am I supposed to enter search criteria where it says  “Search Item Data”. 


I am not sure if the zap to this point is not working and not providing me any fields from the email or for a woocommerce order.