Error: Failed to create a signature request in DocuSign; DocuSign might having some issue with their API

  • 12 January 2023
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I would like to use Zapier to connect our accounting platform Pennylane to Docusign so that, when a new estimate is created in Pennylane, it is sent to our customers for signature in Docusign. It should be possible as the presets exist in Zapier, but I can’t seem to figure out how to set it up. Can anyone help ? 

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4 replies

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Hey @Florian C! It looks like you’re using a “URL” in a field that is expecting an ID of a template, which is causing the error here. The “custom” option simply allows you to use the ID of a template rather than selecting one from the drop-down. This is great if that ID is someone stored within a previous app/step but if you don’t have a template created at all, this will never work. You will need to create your template in DocuSign first, and then select it in the drop-down menu. Hope that helps clarify and get you pointed in the right direction!


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Hey Florian!

I am not aware if DocuSign allows documents to be uploaded for signatures. They do allow documents to be uploaded to be used as templates, and then, as you noted, there’s an action at Zapier that will allow you to use a template to submit a signature request.

We have a feature request to create an action to upload a document to be used as a template, and if that fits your need I can add you as somebody interested in that feature request

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Welcome to the Community, @Florian C! 😀

As you already spotted we’ve got a Create signature requests in DocuSign from Pennylane estimates template that you can use to create the desired workflow in a Zap. Can you let us know a bit more about where you’re getting stuck in setting up this Pennylane to Docusign workflow?

Any screenshots you can share (remember to remove or hide any private information like names, email addresses etc. from them) to better show which parts you’re getting a little stuck on would be super useful. That way folks in Community will be better able to help here. Looking forward to hearing from you! 

Thank you for the response ! 

Basically, I would like to send the pdf generated in Pennylane to Docusign for signature. I have seen tutorials on how to use Zapier to fill a predefined template in Docusign, but nothing to automatically upload a document to Docusign for signature (so without having an existing template in Docusign). I tried using the “custom” option for the templateid field, using the file URL but I get an error message when I test the action. FYI I have contacted Docusign before, and they told me to try here instead :)