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Duplicate events created in AddEvent - Find Event in AddEvent step not working as expected

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Find Event in AddEvent -

The zap triggers with new or updated spreadsheet row in Google sheets and should update an event or create a new one where an event doesn't already exist.

BUT I'm having some difficulty with duplicate events being created

- the find Event in AddEvent step doesn't seem to be working

(I have this working sweetly in a similar zap for Google Calendar - but for Addevent it isn't the same set up)

To get this to work for the Google calendar I created an internal event ID which I output into the event description so that this would stay with the event even if other fields (like the event name) changed - this seems to work and then you are able to use the output of this 'find step' as the search term. (example attached)

For addevent the Find step doesn't really make sense as there is no actual search term - it asks for the Event Id or invites you to add a search step (except this is the search step) = I must be missing something here!

Interestingly For AddEvent there is actually an Event ID which you are able to select from the list of fields But only in Update event step - it is listed under the output of the Find Event in AddEvent - which seemed a good choice as each event record when created seems to have this ID on it. (see pic) This unique event id is created in addevent for each event that is created - so it seems like a useful bit of data.

So I think the problem is in the previous step - Find Event in AddEvent - as the action will create event if it doesn't exist yet. So if the find is unsuccessful as new event is added. It is always unsuccessful! 




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Hey there @Zapathon,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

My hunch here is that you’re missing a Filter step after the “Find Event in AddEvent” action step. Could you please try adding a Filter step and map the “Zap data was found” field to the first column of the Filter and map the condition as “(Boolean) Is True.” This way the Zap will only update the event if it is found. The Filter step should look like this:

(view larger)

Kindly give it a try and keep us posted!

Thanks! 😊


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Thank you for the suggestion.

I have added that step in but unfortunately it hasn’t helped.

The problem is that a new event is being created in the step before this - it is the Find Event in AddEvent that is failing to find the existing event and then creating a new one every time. The update event in add event step has never been triggered

I feel like I don’t know what to put in the Event Id field in the Find Event in AddEvent action step.

Is there a way of filling this field with the Event Id where one has been created?

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Huh, that’s interesting! 🤔

I wonder if we swap out the “Find Event” action with the “List of All Events” (or whichever “List” action applies for you) if it’ll pull the Event ID for us? From there we may be to use Paths by Zapier to either update or create the Event.

Do you think that could work? Let us know!

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Thank you @christina.d 
You are a genius! 

I used the list events  - Searched for our meeting ID

and then set the 2 paths true and false and used the update event (with the meeting ID from the list step) and the create event accordingly.

Tested it and it works! 

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Yess, love to hear it! Thanks for updating the thread with how you solved this! 

Happy zapping! ⚡️