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Date/Time Formatter not an option?

  • 27 April 2023
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Hello - fairly new to zapier, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the solution was simple, but here it goes.

I’m trying to have zapier record a date in Smartsheet after it sends out an email. I’m benchmarking against another zap that is already accomplishing this task perfectly. The problem I’m facing is that the “Date/Time in Formatter by Zapier” is not an option in this other zap that I want to add the action to.

Here’s what it looks like in the working zap:


And here’s what I see in the zap that I want to add the action to:



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Hi @Nate Ensor 

Good question.

Based on the screenshot, this Zap has no Formatter step configured between steps 1-6.


Hi @Troy Tessalone  - Yes, that is the case. But that is my question. How is this one different, and how to I get it “configured” as you say?

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@Nate Ensor 

You would need to edit the Zap to add the desired Formatter step and configure the Formatter step.


Formatter help articles:

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Hey Nate,

Troy’s right, you’ll have to add Formatter as a step sometime after the date is introduced and sometime before you want to use the differently formatted date.

When you’re editing the Zap there will be a “+” sign in between each step, and you can click on that to add in the Formatter step. Sounds like you’ll want to set it up like the other one, and Troy links to the Formatter help doc above.