Crelate to Active Campaign 'Create New Contact' Error: "The related contact does not exist."

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I’m trying to create a Zap where when a Crelate contact is added, the same contact is added to ActiveCampaign.  


I manage to input all the fields right, or at least I assume so.  But when I test the action, I get an error saying ‘

Failed to create a contact account in ActiveCampaign

The app returned "The related contact does not exist."


Anyone encountered this issue before?  I’m completely stumped.

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Hi @vtorres_cbha 

Good question.

Please post screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured to give us more context, thanks.

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Hey @Troy Tessalone 

Thanks for responding.  See below for screenshots on my Zap steps are currently configured.  I didn’t screenshots of the app/event and account as those are pretty straightforward.  But if you need context on that too, the event for Crelate is ‘New Contact’ and the event for ActiveCampaign is ‘Add Contact To Account’:


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The AC Contact ID field expects the internal Contact ID, rather than the concatenated [First Name][Last Name][Email].



You can add a step before to get the AC Contact ID.