Create Invoice in QuickBooks Online results in “A business validation error has occurred”

  • 5 February 2022
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Hi Kind and Helpful Community,

I am trying to have our webform from Squarespace automatically create a invoice in QBO.

I keep getting following error message: “Test Action Error” and when I hit Troubleshoot it asks me to make sure “Shipping” is turned on in my Quickbooks Online. My shipping IS turned on… is there anyone who could help me understand what is going on or do you have a zap that I can kindly copy please?



-Jessica @ Recess Truck


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4 replies

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Hi @Recess Truck 

Please post screenshots with how your Zap step is configured with the variables mapped between the Zap steps.

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Hi Troy, Sorry for delay in reply, please see below and love to know if you have any advice!


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Hey @Recess Truck!

From the look of that “Invalid Number: John Smith” error, the issue appears to be with the selected value in the Customer field.

As a name (custom value) has been selected from the Squarespace step, instead of selecting an option from the Customer dropdown menu, QuickBooks is expecting to see an ID number for the customer rather than their name. You can find out more about working with custom values here: Add custom values to dropdown menu fields in Zaps

Here’s an example of the sort of ID number it’s expecting to see for the customer: 
To get the correct ID number, you can add a Find Customer QuickBooks step ahead of the Create Invoice step.

As email addresses are more unique than full names, I’d suggest setting that step up to search for the customer using the email address supplied by the Squarespace step. That’ll look something like this:
Once that’s done, head back over to your Create Invoice step. Then change the Customer field to use the custom value from the ID field (output by the Find Customer step). For example:

That should ensure that the Create Invoice field receives the correct customer ID number every time the Zap runs. 

One thing to note on this though, is that it looks as though you may be using a default sample from Squarespace. So when you test the Find Customer step it likely won’t find a customer with the fake email address supplied by the Squarespace sample. But when the Zap runs live (or if you change the sample data on the Squarespace step to select a real customer email address) it should be able to find real customers in QuickBooks just fine.

Hope that helps to fix that error. Please do let us know how you get on here! :)

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This is so helpful! Thank you Troy I will try it out!