ChatGPT chat not loading on lesser Apple products when embedded in Squarespace via Zapier

  • 9 August 2023
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So I have no programming experience, or at least I did not before starting this venture 1 or 2 months earlier, but with the help of ai, I have managed to build some things. I have learned more than I thought possible considering my complete lack of experience, however, I have used chatgpt to find solutions and it was this community it suggested as well. I do want to say I have learned a great deal over the last two months and if I can help anyone that has questions that I can handle feel free to ask. I am at the final stages of this site I built - - a real estate site - I have automated all social media using rss feeds and I have built a site that serves only ocean view listings. It also serves them live as they happen on all social media if you look. In addition it also hosts chatgpt 4.


I am about to launch this with some promotion and also being on the cover of some papers shortly, all works perfectly across windows machines, android devices and even ipad pros updated to the latest operating system - however the embed code of zapier that I have put on squarespace from the site I built will not load the chatgpt chat on lesser apple products. With my limited knowledge and experience, I can only conclude that it is not being served as some sort of security precaution with anything later than the best and newest apple devices - maybe even some of these do not work. Perhaps because my squarespace site is calling from zapier which is then calling from open ai. I find this difficult to solve as i updated a regular ipad to the latest operating system and browser - even chatty finds this problem difficult as everything seems to be the same except one is a pro and one is not and I don’t know what differences lie in this distinction. 


I have reached out to support but not getting any real responses. And as chatty let me know,  it is hard to problem solve this as more of an internal zapier item perhaps. Any insight would be so greatly appreciated as I have tried everything I can think of here - the next step will be to create my own cloud server it seems and load the api directly from open ai cutting out zapier. suggestions? and also - again if anyone has any need for the things i have done i am happy to help.

2 replies

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Hi there, @ocean view ai! 👋

Sorry to hear you’ve been having some trouble with getting the chatbot to load on your Squarespace website on certain apple products. It sounds like it could be some sort of bug or backwards compatibility issue with certain apple devices that you’re running into here. 

I know you’ve already reached out to Support but I’d recommend reaching out to the Interfaces team directly here: Please give them details of the specific apple devices you’re unable to load the chatbot on, and if you’re seeing any errors on those devices when it’s attempting to load the chatbot it would be good to share that information with them too. They’ll be able to investigate this further and help troubleshoot this with you.

Sorry to not have a more immediate solution for you here. Please do keep us updated on how you get on with them, keen to know what’s preventing the chatbot from loading on certain devices! 🙂

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Ok thanks for the tip Sam B I will try this!