Cannot read property 'column_values' of undefined in

  • 30 October 2023
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I’m getting an error when trying to send some leads data to via Zapier with an error of Cannot read property 'column_values' of undefined. I have a column value called email in my Monday board, so i’m a bit confused on what i’m missing here. Please see the screenshots below for more context. For additional context, the lead capture tool is sending callback data at three different times with some duplicate data. I’m trying to avoid duplicate items being created in, so i’m trying to ‘Get Item by Column Value in’ to see if an email exists for that lead. If not, then we consider that a success to continue to the path options. If there is a zap search status of false, then I want to ‘Create item in’. If the zap search status is true then I want to ‘Create Update in’ to update the existing item in with some extra lead data.  Please let me know if there is any additional information that is needed

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3 replies

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If the Zap is being triggered multiple times for the same data, then that might be an issue with the app being used in the Zap trigger step.

Have you tried reaching out to that app’s support?

Thanks for the quick response @Troy Tessalone. That fixed the error, however the zap is not quite working as intended. I want to be able to check to see if an email exists and if it does exist, then I simply want to update the existing item in with some of the new lead data that was received. Currently, my zap is running three times to create a new item in each time which is due to multiple callback functions getting triggered as the lead fills out the form. Do you know how I would go about doing this? Here is an example of my board and the output as well as another screenshot of the paths as the initial screenshot had the names of the paths mixed up. 


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Hi @Phil21 

Good question.

The issue may be related to the dropdown field types.

Dropdown field have a list of standardized options.

Each option in the list has 2 values (top/bottom).

If you are trying to map a dynamic variable from a previous step, then the variable value must match the bottom value for an option.




You’ll probably want to add a space between the mapped variables.