"Business name" input from checkout page in Teachable not showing in zap

  • 16 January 2023
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Hi guys! I’m having a bit of trouble and hopefully someone can help me out. 

The goal is to take some data from a new transaction in Teachable and put it into a Google Sheet. In between I added a filter and Convertkit as follows: 

  1. New transaction in Teachable
  2. Filter: Continue if: searches for a specific product ID
  3. Adds tag in Converkit
  4. Create Spreadsheet Row

Everything works like a charm but there is one piece of info the zap is not pulling. 

I need the Business Name to be added into my Google Sheet. This is important for invoicing. This is an option that the user can click on checkout page.


I tested and tested again and again. Here is how a transaction looks with the Business Name input filled (I used numbers instead of text). In Teachable it’s called Buyer Business Name (and that’s what I need)

My zap looks like this on the Google Sheet step:

There is one field that is called Object Sale Transactions Purchaser Business Name (see below). Well, that kinda makes sense but it has no data attributed to it. (see above)

it’s null

I should mention that the zap is pulling the right data (transaction) from Teachable.

What am I doing wrong here? What am I missing?



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7 replies

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Hi there @stefanasafti, welcome to the Community! 

That’s very strange indeed. From your screenshots it looks like the Purchaser Business Name is a field that comes through from Teachable, but it’s coming over empty (null). Is the sample transaction that’s selected the same as the one in your screenshots? Asking as that field appears to be optional, not required, so I’m wondering if the selected test transaction happened to have no business name specified. Do you think that could be the case here?

Alternatively, does the business name come through on the Stripe order? If so, you might be able to use Stripe as the trigger for your Zap instead? Could that work as an alternative perhaps?

Looking forward to hearing back from you on this! 🙂

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Hey! thanks for your reply.

Yes the sample transaction is the same. For the selected test transaction I specifically added info in the Business details field. In Teachable I see it (as illustrated in the previous post).

I checked Stripe’s events and logs section for that specific transaction but I can’t find the Buyer Business Name, or any related entry.


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Hi @stefanasafti!

Are you able to make the Business name required in Teachable? If it had to be entered by people when they checked out, then it would come through in the New Transaction data from Teachable. 

It is possible to set up a Zap so that if the business name field is empty, the Zap will add a placeholder name (like ‘N/A’, ‘TBC’ or whatever works for you), would that work for your invoicing system? If so, you can learn more about that in this help guide: Set default values for blank fields in Zaps

Would that work for you? If not let us know and we’ll see if we can find another way around this for you!

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hi @Danvers !

Thanks for you answer. Nope, unfortunately I can make that field required. It’s optional by default. Many students that purchase my courses don’t own a business, but some of them do. And for that I need to collect their business ID number (that goes into the Business Details input).

To be more clear I replaced the default labels to ask for that ID number, but essentially it’s the Business details section. But let’s stick with the Business Details idea so it’s not too confusing :)

I also dropped an email to Teachable support, waiting for their answer.

I wonder where could the problem be?

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Thanks for letting us know, @stefanasafti! 🙂

In that case, it could be some sort of bug where we’re seeing “null” for the Purchaser Business Name field even when a value exists for that field.

I had a quick check on our side but couldn’t see any bug reports for this already in place. So I’d recommend that you also reach out to our Support team to investigate this. They’ll be able to dig into the logs for your Zap to double-check what we’re receiving from Teachable and open up a bug report with the app’s developers if needed. You can reach them here:

Please do keep us in the loop on this! 

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Hi @SamB, thanks for the reply!

I dropped an email to the support team. Hopefully we’ll find a solution.

I will update you on this for sure.

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Glad to hear it @stefanasafti!  We’ll keep an eye out for your update here then 😀