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Anyone else experience broken links when sending emails via Sendgrid?

  • 15 January 2024
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Hey everyone. Sendgrid, email, URL issue.

So I have an odd issue when sending emails using Zapier and Sendgrid. This issue has only just started, or this is the first time I have noticed it, and it is happening to an existing Zap, not a new Zap, this Zap had worked as expected previously.


The Zap:
My Zap sends a user an email notification, email send via Sendgrid, and is triggered when a record is updated in Airtable, the emails contain a link, hardcoded in the HTML, it does not come from Airtable, and is a link back to our platform for the user.


The URLs sent from SendGrid seem to be broken, the HTML for the link looks like this: <a href=">Respond Now</a> but when it has been sent the URL becomes something like this: and this URL doesn't work / load.


No idea where this issue arrises, anyone got any ideas, or faced a similar issue? These emails did work previously. I have tried with a shortened URL, and used both Plain Text emails and HTML emails, ran across the same issue. Not sure how to debug this further and I am not sure this is a Zapier issue or Sendgrid?


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Hi @grae 

The longer links looks to be a SendGrid tracking link for the link you input.

I would reach out to SendGrid Support for help troubleshooting.

Yeah, I just figured that out too, this is indeed a tracking link issue, and it looks like the issue I am having is local to my device / my settings, on iOS / macOS / iPadOS privacy settings. I will leave the post up incase this helps others in the future. Thanks Troy 🙏

​Hello, @grae!

I'm having this problem too. I  deactivated the tracking setting on de API Key on SendGrid, but continues to make the URL larger. ​Even though the problem might be on my device I use this email to send import information to a large number of people.


Did you finde another solution?