Aidaform Not showing up in Zapier

Why Zapier is not showing Aidaforms now? We use to connect Aidaform to the zapier and extract responses but from last few days Zapier is not showing forms anymore. Is there any solution to this?

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Hi and welcome to the Community, @michaelfyc!

When you say Zapier is not showing AidaForms now, do you mean that your existing AidaForm Zap isn’t triggering for new form responses? 

If so, have there been any changes to the form that is connected to the Zap? If so you try clearing the selected form, then reselect it and publish the changes. I’m thinking that might help to refresh the connection between the form and the Zap. Then try submitting a form response to see if that will trigger the Zap. 

Can you give that a try and let us know if that gets it working again?

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Hi @michaelfyc 

Good question.

AidaForm Zap app profile page:

NOTE: There are only triggers, no actions available.