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ActiveCampaign find account function not working

I am trying to use the ActiveCampaign find account action to find an account using a first and last name. 

No matter what I try, even entering a customer name that I know exists in ActiveCampaign (my own) that I can find in the native search in AC, nothing is being found in Zapier.

Any ideas?




Best answer by Troy Tessalone 28 March 2024, 23:15

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Edit: Learned the find account is not the same as find contact. Still trying to find contact. Any ideas?


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@thomas_carhop still trying to find the contact or the account?

Also, can you share the steps you have used inside the Action step

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, still trying to find the contact. I only have their first and last name from the Google review.


Here is the action setup (which requires email or contact ID -- before I was using find account function which can use a first and last name but I realized that accounts and contacts are different...):


Thus, I suppose my ultimate question is whether I can find an AC customer email using only their first and last name? I want to send them a coupon if they leave a review.

Thank you!

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Hi @thomas_carhop,

Unfortunately, the “Find Contact” action only allows you to use the ActiveCampaign ID or the email address of the contact. However, we do have an existing feature request for the “Find Contact” action to use the First and Last name as a search function.

Please let me know if you’d like to get added to that.

Sure, thanks.

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Hi @thomas_carhop 

You would have to use the ActiveCampaign API to search for Contacts by name:


There are advanced ActiveCampaign Zap app actions available to do this:

  • Custom Action
  • API Request


Awesome, thank you @Troy Tessalone . I read through that link you shared, I’ll give it a try. If you have any advice for how to create that I would appreciate the help.

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First, try asking AI in the Custom Action option to configure it for you.

AI got somewhat close but I was able to manually create the custom action using the API documentation. The Zapier is working great in testing and able to easily find the customer account(s). Thanks!

@ken.a let me know if it would be useful for you to share how I was able to accomplish this so others can use it.

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Hi @thomas_carhop,

I have added you to the open feature request for the “Find Contact” action to support search by First and Last Name. Additionally, it would be greatly appreciated if you could share with our Community members how you were able to achieve the workaround.

Once you share this information, I will mark your response as the "Best Answer" so that other members can easily find it.

Thank you! 🤗