Displaying input fields conditionally

  • 30 April 2024
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Hi there guys,

I am developing an app where Ias an input I need to display a dropdown with two options (I am able to do that :) ).

What I need to do is display a set of different subsequent fields according to the dropdown selection. I tried using custom code to do that and was not able to find any documentation on the matter.

Heres what I tried:


The dropdown field:


This is the subsequent input and what I tried using js:

let recipients = {
"key": "Recipients",
"children": [
key: "Phone",
label: "Phone Number",
type: "string"
key: "firstname",
label: "First Name",
type: "string"
key: "lastname",
label: "Last Name",
type: "string"
key: "MessageMedia",
label: "Message Media",
type: "string"

let sendType = bundle.inputData.sendType;
if (sendType == "Recipients"){
return recipients;
if (sendType == "Groups"){
return groups;


It doesnt work and I would really appreciate some guidence.


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