Zapier not syncing custom text field updates into Pardot

  • 19 July 2021
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I have a Zap connecting Cvent to Pardot. When running a test of the Zap my data is being pushed into a custom field. When I actually run the Zap and start in Cvent my data is not showing up in the Pardot field. I have cleared the field, retested and see the data show up. When I clear it again and push from Cvent I still get no data in the expected field. 

My Zap is

  1. New Event Registration in Cvent
  2. Find or Create Prospect in Pardot
  3. Update Prospect in Pardot

I have an open support ticket with Zappier, but support is unresponsive after a few days.

Is there a different method I should be using to create new prospects or update existing prospects if there is no match?

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6 replies

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Hey @Nalla217,

I’m so sorry your Zap isn’t syncing prospects in Pardot as expected. Your Zap sounds like it’s using the correct actions to add new or update existing prospects in Pardot.

I’ve done some checking and it looks as though our Support team has responded with some questions for you. If you’re still looking to get this resolved can you please look for that response from them and continue the conversation there? Thanks! :)

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Where can I find replies? I don’t see notifications anywhere on the support portal or my email.

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Hi @Nalla217!

That’s strange that you’re not receiving replies. I can see 2 different support tickets that we’ve responded to. Have you checked spam folders to see if maybe they ended up there? The responses would have come from Jamie Middleton and Justin Lee, if that helps at all. 

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Can you please pm me contact info? I have verified my email is correct and have checked my company email spam filters and folders. Thank you.

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Hey @Nalla217,

I’m sorry you’re still not finding those replies from our Support Team, I’ve just sent you a PM. :)

As they didn’t get lost in your spam filter or folder, what can sometimes help is to also try searching for emails ending in ‘’ to locate them. Hope that helps! 

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Thank you for your help, Sam. My IT department blocked these emails before they got to me.