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Zapier - How to append a new entry into a Multiple Selection field?

  • 23 September 2020
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What we want:

When a new booking happens from SimplyBook (trigger), we want a Multiple Selection field to be appended with a new entry (end-point), which is the date of the newly booked event.

What is the problem:

The Multiple Selection field gets overwritten, and only the most recent booking is recorded, but what we want is to be able to see the history of classes booked per record.

Current flow in Zapier:

  1. New booking in simplybook
  2. Find record in airtable
  3. update record in airtable

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2 replies

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Hi @newcampus , have you considered having a separate table for your bookings and linking them to your customers. That way all the bookings would be listed with each customer. 


You can read about it here:

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Hey @newcampus,

I was running into a similar issue with linked records being overwritten and wrote an answer on a different thread that you can check out. You’re dealing with a multi-select field, which is different, but I imagine would work the same as with linked records. 

I’m assuming in step 2 you are searching for an existing record via email or something, and in step 3 updating it with the booking date from step 1. 

If so, when you search for and find the existing record, Zapier should also pull in the previous dates listed in the multi-select field you’re talking about. When you update your record in step 3, include the existing values in the multi-select field in step 2 along with the new value you want to add from step 1, separated by a comma.

Even if you have a TON of existing values in the multi-select field from step 2, Zapier includes them in a single comma-separated field so you’ll get them all every time, no matter how many you have. 

Hope that helps!