Zapier Certified Expert looking for work at 10c to the dollar

  • 27 September 2019
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Hi guys

Simply put - I'm looking for work.

I'm in South Africa GMT+2 and we've got a struggling economy, so the exchange rate is SHOCKING for us.... but great for you.

Our exchange rate buys about R16 for every $1 or Pound... and about the same for the Aussie dollar too.

If you have anything you want to outsource, please give me a yell.

My core competencies:

  1. Basecamp (including chat bot)
  2. Infusionsoft (by KEAP)
  3. Webhooks
  4. Integrating different businesses/ clients
  5. complex system design
  6. Facebook automation (leads, pages, groups)
  7. Lifecycle Marketing project
  8. Many more... but that's my focus up there.


  1. extensive knowledge of healthcare medicine claim switching (PBM)
  2. real estate
  3. construction project management

Thanks in advance.


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4 replies

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@Bryan Could definitely use having another person to call in a pinch! I'll send you an email.

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Thanks Andrew

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Hi Bryan,

I have a project that I bet you'd be a good fit for and I think it has some real potential in the way of commissions as well. It involves sending an email campaign and then connecting to USAEpay via way of a Webhook.

Does that interest you?

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Hi Bob - it does!

Thank you.

Please send me more details to