Zap triggered multiple times by Acuity appointment. Help!


I have several Appointment Types on Acuity that have 5 classes each.

Whenever someone schedules an appointment type, they’re required to sign up for all 5 classes.


What I need:

I would like to record into a Google Sheet doc each SINGLE sign up.


What’s happening:

The zap I created runs 5 times (one for each class) and creates 5 new rows of appointment in my Google sheet doc :(


What I’ve already tried:

  • Step 1 {Google Sheet Lookup}
    I first ran a search on my Google Sheet to see if a similar record already exists (checks for customer email & appointment ID)
    If it doesn’t, proceed to Step 2.
  • Step 2 {Zapier Filter}
    If the record matching the criteria above DOESN’T exist yet, a new record/row is created.
    If it already exists, end the task here.
  • Step 3 {Zapier Delay}
    I added a 5-minute delay here to keep the next round of zaps from firing immediately before the first record is ever created and detected in Step 1.


The Problem:

I’m still getting 2 records created on Google Sheet instead of just one.


What I think happened:

Looks like the 2nd round of zap is triggered before the first record is created because only the 3rd run detects the existing record (saw this in the Zap history).


Sorry I’m new to Zapier. I’d appreciate any help!

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Hi @CherryA 

Try adding a Delay After Queue step instead of just a Delay step:

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Just checking in to see if you still need help with this?