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Zap to delete file attachment in QuickBase

  • 6 April 2021
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Is it possible to create a zap step that will delete a file attachment that is part of a record in QuickBase? Note that I do not want to delete the entire record. I merely want to automate the deletion of the attachment that was uploaded to a File Attachment field for the record when the attachment is no longer needed.

Here’s what I’ve tried (unsuccessfully) in my Quick Base Record Update step so far:

  • Leaving the file attachment field blank (nothing happens).
  • Setting the file attachment field to “” (this just replaces the existing attachment with a new attachment of type .txt).
  • Setting the file attachment field to [the value in another file attachment field that is blank] (nothing happens).

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!



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Hi @ObeJuan - Thanks for your question! It looks like you got in contact with Sam and Mwema from Zapier’s Support team regarding this issue. I’m sharing this latest update so other users on the community can also find the answer:

Looking at our integration for Quickbase I don't see a native way to remove a file. The closest option would be to delete the record in Quickbase after the file has been uploaded to Dropbox.

This action may be accomplished using an advanced feature like code steps. To be fully transparent, our team is able to provide limited support with the Code action step. It's an advanced feature that can involve lots of custom code, and can quickly land outside of our scope of knowledge.

For any questions that I may not be able to answer, I tend to recommend checking out StackOverflow's list of Zapier related questions:

Our help doc also offers some info:

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Hey @ObeJuan!

I just wanted to check in to see if you were able to get this working using a Code by Zapier action step? Or did you manage to figure out a different solution?

Please let us know!