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Zap: Slack Message to specific Salesforce Opportunity note

  • 7 July 2022
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Hello, I’m getting started with Zapier and understand there are a variety of ways to automate Slack and Salesforce. Is there any way to have a Slack message be automatically sent to a the Notes of a specific opportunity in Salesforce? 

Example: Let’s say I have an opportunity in Salesforce called “Deal 2”. Now, someone posts in Slack with an update regarding deal 2. 

Can this update in Slack be automated so it is sent and recorded to the Notes section within Deal 2 in Salesforce? 


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Yes, that’s definitely possible :) 

There are a few different ways that you could do it, the two key questions to ask yourself are:

  • How do you want to trigger the Zap? Should it check every message sent in Slack and only continue when a deal name is mentioned? Or do you want to manually send the message using an emoticon?
  • How will the Zap find the relevant deal in Salesforce? There is a Find Record action for Salesforce, but you’ll need some unique piece of information to search with (eg the name of the company/contact/an email address)


My gut instinct on how this would look is:

  1. Slack - New reaction added (you add a specific emoji reaction to messages you want to go to Salesforce)
  2. Salesforce - Find Record (Finds the opportunity to add the note to, based on information in the Slack message)
  3. Salesforce - Update Record


You might need add another step between the trigger and the Find record step, for example if you need to find and pull out specific information in the text of the Slack message. 


I hope that gets you started on the right path! If you’d like some more help, could you share some details about what the Slack message would be? eg would it contain information that you could use to search for the Opportunity? Thanks!

Hi @Danvers thank you for the assistance! 

First off, I think adding an emoticon for manual upload would be best and the most simple. The piece of information it would base its search on is the Opportunity name. 

Per the details, let’s say a message is posted saying, “Deal 2: New update customer wants to move forward onto the next steps. Here are the next steps…etc”. 

Could you provide guidance on how to set this up when creating the Zap? Specifically, under ‘Set Up Action’ when building the Salesforce section? So far I have: 
1. Slack > New Reaction Added > Account Selected > Channel Selected > Successful test trigger
2. Salesforce > Find Record > Account Selected > Object: Opportunity , Field to Search: Name , Search Value: Reaction 
3. Salesforce > Update Record > Account Selected > Object: Opportunity , Record to Update: ??
Record to update just provides the list of all Opportunities.  

This items in bold are where I am stuck? How should I proceed from here / does my setup so far look correct? 


Thank you 

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A quick question - when you’re searching for the reaction (step 2) does the name of the reaction correspond to the the name of the Opportunity that you want to find?


Assuming that the Find Record step is correctly finding the Opportunity that you want to update then for the Record to update, instead of choosing and option from the drop down list select ‘Custom’. Then add the Opportunity ID from the Find Record step to in the field, this tells the Zap to always update the record that was found in the previous step. 

I hope that’s clear!

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Hey there, @KMEC! I can see you were able to chat with my friends in support and this was last message they had replied with.

At the moment, Salesforce can find an opportunity based on the Slack message, as long as the Slack message matches the name of an existing opportunity exactly. If the Slack message has more words than just the name of the opportunity Salesforce will not likely find the opportunity using this field. 
It may be possible to workaround this if every Slack message follows a specific format. For example if the opportunity name is always after an asterisk at the end of the message. Then a Formatter step can be used to pull out the opportunity name based on this pattern. 
Salesforce was able to successfully find the opportunity so an opportunity name like this will be searchable in the Zap: Acme - 1100 Widgets (Sample)

Is writing these Slack messages in a consistent structure doable for you?


Keep us posted how this works for ya!