Zap not showing all triggers

  • 11 March 2021
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I have a Zap set up to trigger when a Mailchimp subscriber clicks a link. It then sends a form submission to Hubspot. However, there are only 6 completed Zap runs but there are 26 unique clicks of that link in Mailchimp. Any idea why some aren’t processing through?

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7 replies

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Hi @JessWachen 

FYI: The Mailchimp Link Clicked trigger is NOT instant, so depending on your Zapier plan it can take from 1-15 minutes for the Zap to trigger, but unsure if that’s the issue in your case.

Not sure if this is related:


Thanks, but it has been almost 24 hours now and only 9 of the 33 individual clicks have made it through.

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Might be best to open a ticket with Zapier Support here for them to investigate further:

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Hi @JessWachen!

Looks like you’ve got a great conversation going with our Support team and they’re helping you out with this! If you have any further questions you can reply to that thread :)

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Hey @JessWachen just wanted to follow up here! To echo our support team on their reply to your email, are all 32 unique clicks after the Zap was turned on?

At the moment, Zaps are only built to look at new and incoming information, when they are turned on. A Zap won't process existing data or data that was sent while the Zap was turned off. You can read a bit more about this here:

If that is not the case, please send a date and time for one of the emails that didn't trigger to the open thread you have with support and they can check our internal logs to do some additional troubleshooting for you. :slight_smile:

No, that wasn’t the issue. It was a testing issue with the Beta version of Iris CRM.

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@JessWachen thanks for letting us know! Does that mean that things are resolved for you now? Let us know and we can close this thread.