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Youtube to Youtube Media type error

  • 13 April 2021
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I’m trying to create a zap that upload to my 1 pof my youtube chamels avery video that i upload to the other youtube chamel.


I can’t pass the error:




What can I do?




Best answer by william 7 June 2021, 20:09

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8 replies

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Hi @social.gaming6 

Believe the error is due to the Video field value being a URL to a YouTube video page rather than the YouTube video file.


Also keep this limit in mind...

SoftTimeLimitExceeded Error

The process of downloading the video (from the origin), and uploading it to YouTube must finish within 180 seconds (three minutes), otherwise, our system will cancel the process. We suggest compressing your video in order for it to be uploaded properly.


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Taks Troy.


Considering that I’m doing it youtube-youtube if not the video link what options should I pick?

Or is there a better what of uploading 1 video to 2 Chanels with 1 step?



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You could have 1 Zap with a trigger and 2 action steps OR 2 Zaps each with the same trigger and 1 action step.

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But in that case where wold be the point of origin?

Like my idea was:

Loading to 1 you tube Chanel    (using zanier) upload to other youtube Chanel.

the advantage is to update the maximum YouTube fields possible. like “title” to “titile”, “tags” to “tags” etc


I’ve tried dropbox and google drive but I don’t have what to define fields like description or flags




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@social.gaming6 Perhaps you could get those data points from the video file’s metadata added before uploading and returned as part of the GDrive/Dropbox triggers.

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Hey @social.gaming6, hope you’re well, I just wanted to check in here!

Troy is correct, when sending a video to Youtube we have to send the video file itself. 

The YouTube link will only direct YouTube to the HTML web page for the YouTube video. If we send that link through, YouTube will try to fetch a file from that URL, which would end up being the HTML file for the page. This is why we run into the HTML file type error.

If we want to send a file directly to YouTube but to different channels, we would first need a storage option located in the cloud, such as Google Drive. From there, we can use two zaps or two YouTube steps in a single zap to upload that file to YouTube. The zap would be triggered by a new file in Google Drive or a New File in Folder.

As for titles, tags, and other metadata, you’ll need a way to pull that data into the zap.

Perhaps you could use a Google Sheet to store the title and tags and a unique ID(that you make) for the video?

You could then search the spreadsheet for each video using that ID and that should return the title and tags saved in that row. 

The main caveats here would be that you would need to create the spreadsheet row first, and you would likely need to use the unique ID you came up with as the file name in Google Drive. This would make sure the row is there for searching and that we can use the file title from Google Drive as the search term for the Google Sheet action.

You could then have a Zap like this:

  1. Trigger: Google Drive - New File or New File in Folder
  2. Action: Google Sheets - Find Spreadsheet Row - Search for that unique ID
  3. Action: YouTube - Upload Video - For Channel 1
  4. Action: YouTube - Upload Video - For Channel 2

Thank you William for this reply. 
I wish it was somewhere added in the main zapier zaps/ troubleshooting info, which connect google sheets to youtube!!!

I wouldn’t have spent HOURS OF creating a full automation around google drive URLs, connecting an internal id with a google drive URL and the respective meta data and then finding out that NO URL is working… but only the actual file itself. 
After all, what is the purpose/value of having a googlesheet to youtube upload option, if I cannot use a URL??? Can a google sheet contain a video file??? 

Anyway, I am glad I found your answer here, with the intermediate Spreadsheet Lookup… 
It works FINE!!! 

Thanks again! 

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Hey @mayalvd,

We’re so glad William’s answer here was helpful to you! And we really appreciate you sharing this with us. I’ve passed your comments about the improving the documentation over to the relevant teams here. While I can’t promise if/when it would be implemented, all feedback is considered.

In the meantime, happy Zapping! :)