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Writing multiple records to an Airtable Base

  • 9 September 2020
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How can I write all line items in an order to an Airtable base?


Imagine a Shopify Order that contains multiple line items.

I want to write all these line items to an Airtable base with each line item on its own line.


Any insights are highly appreciated.


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Create a looping Zap with Code, Filter, Webhook steps to cycle thru each line item.

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@Troy Tessalone can you provide an example of the code @sardamit would need to use here?

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@Liz_Roberts I don’t have the exact code to provide as I have not solved for this exact scenario, but I’ve done many implementations of a Zap that uses the mentioned apps to create a looping Zap.

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@sardamit I don’t think a code step will do this :sweat_smile:

The best workaround I’ve used for this is to send to a Google Sheet and send those to Airtable.

So...Send as line items to Google sheets, and then create a new zap with the trigger being new line in Google sheets, which you can send to Airtable.

Good news is that I know there’s something in the works from Zapier to handle this with a native app.