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  • 18 March 2020
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Anyone in here have experience attempting to Zap a WPForms submission and have it create a task in Wrike (Project Management Software) - Specifically having attachments (submitted from WPforms on our website) come through Zap and into Wrike as attachments?

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4 replies

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Hi @Morether Creative Agency! I don’t have experience with this specifically but hopefully we can work it out together 🙂


Have you started setting up this Zap yet? If so, when you look at the information from WPForms are the attachments given? And if they are, do you see a link to the attachment or do you see something like ‘File: (exists but not shown)’?


And in Wrike, how do you usually store the attachments? Do you upload the attachment, or do you add link to it?


If we know a bit more about how each app is handling the attachments then we’ll be able to see if we can make this work!

Hey there. So starting with the Zap, yes, it is enabled and has worked except for what I submitted this question about! 


The attachments are not included in what comes into Wrike (No link or File:...) but they are in the email that we get (separate from this Zap).


In Wrike we usually just upload an attachment into Wrike as opposed to using links and storing them elsewhere.


I do know when setting up the Zap, during the Wrike setup portion, there is a way to add attachments but I attempted that and it kept sending the same attachment, even if I attached a new item.


Hope this helps!

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Hmm, it sounds like WP Forms isn’t sending the attachments. Could you share a screenshot of the form so that I can see what the attachment field looks like? If I know how that’s working that I should be able to add a feature request to include attachments for you. 


Could I ask which Wrike action you’re using? And could you take a screenshot of what you’re putting in the attachments field? Thanks!

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Hi @Morether Creative Agency ,

Circling back to see if you were all set with your Zap or if you are still experiencing issues!

If the latter, could you share what Wrike action you are using and a screenshot of the attachment fields to help us dig in deeper?