Which SurveyMonkey Plans Integrate with Zapier?

  • 1 February 2022
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Is “Extract data” enough to send a survey and collect data, or do I need a plan that has “Get direct API access”?

The docs say I just need any annual plan, but the pricing details pages: &

... also say that the Standard Monthly Personal Plan is capable of sending surveys via Partner integrations & APIs:

When I try using the SurveyMonkey action “Send Survey” on the Standard Monthly plan, however, I get the following error, “The user does not have the required plan to make this request.”

Per the troubleshooting notes:

The "New Response Notification with Answers" trigger will require you to have any Annual paid plan with Survey Monkey. This includes the Standard Annual, Advantage and Premier plan, which are all annual subscription plans that Survey Monkey offer. This information can be found here:

The only paid plan that doesn't work with Zapier integrations is their Standard Monthly plan, which is their only monthly subscription plan.

Per the link:

SurveyMonkey Plan Requirements: Any Plan to install/use basic functionality, but requires an Annual Plan to use an "New Response Notification With Answers" event trigger.


Will the Advantage Annual afford me this basic integration functionality, or do I need the Team Premier plan?


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2 replies

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Great question @mixelpix!

Hmm, our SurveyMonkey documentation states that you’d need to be on SurveyMonkey’s Standard Annual, Advantage and Premier plan. So it appears that they’ve since made some changes to their pricing packages as there’s now more monthly plans available.

As this relates specifically to SurveyMonkey’s pricing plans, I’d recommend reaching out to SurveyMonkey directly to confirm exactly which plans can be used their Zapier integration as this appears to have changed. Please do keep us in the loop on what you find out! :)

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Thanks @SamB 

Turns out I had the “Hide ‘Powered by SurveyMoney” option turned on and that option does indeed require a paid plan.  I am able to send a survey using an email collector.

I have reached out to SurveyMonkey though as I know face a different problem using Zapier to send an email collector with an embedded first question.  See here: 

My gut tells me that indeed, the solution to both requires an annual plan, but I am not still sure if I need all five features for “Partner Integrations & API,” or if I can proceed without the “direct API access” feature (and a less expensive plan)

I’m waiting on hearing back from SurveyMonkey and will write back when I have an answer.