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using Zapier to make Slack pick up @username

  • 30 January 2023
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I have a Slack integration from a software which sends messages to Slack, however Slack doesn’t recognize the @username format in the messages. I’m trying to create a Slack to Slack Zap and somehow reformat the message so that Slack would pick up the @username. I played around with Formatter, but it does not work, the messages still go through as plain text without recognising the @username.


Any idea how to go solve this?


Best answer by nicksimard 30 January 2023, 18:50

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4 replies

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Hey @Attila!

I’ve encountered that in the past as well. I just tested something and when I added the @ symbol in front of the mapped username, then it succeeded in tagging that person:


Have you tried that, and if so did it work?

You can also do this, using the user’s ID:




Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately this will not work for me as the message comes from a third party software into slack and the username static (ie the name of the software). In there I can create a message starting with @username, but Slack does not recognise it this way. If I copy the message from Slack and paste it back into teh sme channel (CRTL+C, CTRL+V) it does recognise it.

I need to reformat the massage some way in Zapier and send it back to Slack

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In that case you could add a Slack search step (Find User) into the Zap so you can find the person using the data from your other software, then use the output of the Slack step in one of the two ways I outlined above. Either one should work :)

Any of these searches could be used:


@nicksimard Thanks! I can see this work, I have to work around it a bit, but one of these should work