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Using Typeform to display recommended products on Shopify

  • 7 March 2021
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I see there was a similar question asked here, but said I would ask my own with as much detail as I can.

I got my idea from Dollar Shave Club where they have a get started section, asking users a set of questions and then displaying recommended products based on the users responses.

Is there something similar that can be done using typeform on a shopify store? 

I was able to embed the typeform to my store but when it is filled out the information is sent to my typeform account. But what I am looking for is when a user finishes the form they will be brought to a new page and be shown a list of products based on the users answers.

I would imagine each answer would contain a tag and all the tags would be used to filter the products shown to the user. 

For example;

I have a coffee machine product in my store with a tag “coffee_machine” and then another product, a tea pot that has the tag “teapot”.

I would have a typeform with a single yes/no question, “Do you like coffee?”

If answered yes the tag “coffee_machine” would be applied and the products would be filtered down just to the coffee machine and this is what the user would see when they are finished with the form. 

This example is just for a single product but in reality there would be multiple questions and would be displaying multiple products

Is this something that is provided by Zapier when integrating Typeform with Shopify?


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5 replies

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Hi @doldy101 

Zapier is best suited for back end data transfer between apps, rather than front end app updates in real-time.

Try checking out the available Shopify Apps:

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Hi @doldy101!

You could possibly create a hack-y version of this. Not sure if Typeform can do this, but I know that Paperform can redirect someone after they submit a form by using fields from the form:

So you can see here in my fake form that it redirects based on my choices:

Note that this uses the exact words in the form. I’m not aware of a way to specify that if someone had chosen Option C that I would want to then insert coffee_machine instead of Option20%C (as seen in the URL of my animated GIF above).

I know JotForm has a lot of extra extensions and add-ons that you can use, so maybe they have something that could output a different value than the one that’s chosen (like your “yes” becoming “coffee_machine” example).

Hi @nicksimard,

The hacky solution you suggest on Paperform will redirect a user based on their answer. So the answer of the form will redirect the user to that page. So I choose the answer “Coffee Machine” they will be redirected to /coffee_machine, is it?

That means it is still 1 question to 1 product page. 

My need is to dynamically add products to a page based on the users answers. It’s something but still not quite what I am looking for

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Hi there @doldy101 - As Troy mentioned, Zapier helps you move your data, not create or add products on the front end. Nick’s work around was based on redirecting users based on the product but it sounds like you want to reveal products to users based on their answer selection.

I checked out your example with Dollar Shave Club and it looks to be a custom experience. I recommend that you consult a Shopify expert about customization or consider Shopify apps to see if this function exists on that platform direct.

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Hey @doldy101,

Just wanted to check in here to see whether you were able to find an answer on this? 

Please let us know!