Using Google Forms to create Google Contacts, add to a group, then assign additional labels based on form checkbox responses

  • 18 November 2021
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Hi there. I’m trying to speed up a workflow where an organization’s newsletter is being sent out via Gmail using members of a group/label contained in Google Contacts. The weak link in the system is that when new subscribers want to be receive the newsletter, they have to write their info down on a piece of paper which has to circulate around and be manually added to Google Contacts and tagged with a group/label called ‘SEND NEWSLETTER’.

(Yes, I know - The simple fix would be to use a newsletter or email marketing platform which has a built-in collection system, but that would rock too many boats within the organization so we’re taking baby steps)

Here are the list of ingredients that I already have in place:

  • Google Account already set up / Gmail / Contacts / Forms / et cetera
  • Google Contacts already has a bunch of contacts in it and already has a handful of labels/groups
  • I’ve built the Newsletter Signup tool as a Google Form, linked to its form data collection spreadsheet
  • I have authorized Google Contacts and Forms to play nicely together with my Zapier account and Zap
  • I have read through a post by @DougO about how to do this and have had helpful replies from @Troy Tessalone in these two threads:



I would like a little more hand holding because this is really my first time behind the wheel of a Zap. I think I get the basic idea but I need a little review of the following screenshots:


  1. This is one of the questions in the Google Form, which is collecting the email address and name information of the subscriber:
  2. This is what the overview of my Zap looks like so far:

  3. Here is the detail on the Trigger (Step 1):

  4. This is the Create Contact in Google Contacts action. Note I condensed the screenshot because the ‘Set Up Action’ step has a lot of fields to map:

  5. In this step, I’m trying to add ALL responses to the Google Form into a group/label called ‘SEND NEWSLETTER’:

  6. So once the Google Contact is created and lumped in to the ‘SEND NEWSLETTER’ group, I want to add additional Labels to the Contact based on how the user responded in the Google Form. This is Step 4 in the Overview but the first conditional path, so it is marked as Step 5 and 6:

  7. I did have some trouble on the ‘Test & Review’ step of the process, but I decided to skip the tests and fill out the rest of the conditional path steps.

Can anyone see anything I missed, or errors? Thanks so much!

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Hi @Caspers Park Foundation 

That looks right.

Try turning the Zap ON and testing.

Then check your Zap Runs to see which Paths processed (0+):

Make sure to test the different use cases