Upload PDF Attachment From Email to OneDrive

  • 25 August 2021
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Hi Team,

I am attempting to create a Zap which will allow only PDF attachments to be uploaded to a folder on OneDrive.

I am using Email By Zapier with the ‘New Inbound Email’ Trigger.

I have managed to get it to upload ‘all’ the attachments from an email (inc various .pngs and pdfs), however, there does not appear to be a way of filtering the types of attachments to only pdf’s.

It appears i am potentially missing an option to select the ‘type’ of filter.

The only option i get is “1. Attachment (Exists but not shown)”


I do not appear to get an option called “1. Attachments Mime Type” where one would presumably be able to select “type/pdf”



You can see this as part of the Zapier help page here:


Any ideas on how to achieve this?





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3 replies

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If you’re able to use Gmail, that’s a better app for this than Outlook.

The Gmail Zap app has a trigger for New Attachment.

Check out this help link:


Thanks for the response.


However, it does not work.


The Filter By Zapier has no such option, only ‘Text’ ,Numbers, Boolean or ‘Exists’ filter options.


Apparently Zapier stores all these attachments as raw data, so that filter only sees the raw data which is essentially a bunch of encoded letters and numbers.


There appears no way of referencing them individually in that step.







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Hi @jawuk 

Try searching for Attachment to see if there are other data points available to use in a Filter step.



Otherwise, you may want to consider opening a feature request ticket with Zapier Support: