Updating Existing AirTable Record with Stripe Data (Search Formula?)

  • 17 April 2020
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I have one Zap that creates an AirTable record whenever a customer makes an Acuity reservation.  A second Zap monitors Stripe for the credit card transaction, subtracts the Stripe Transaction Fee off of the Stripe Amount, and I want it to search for and update the relevant AirTable record, but I can’t get that step to work.


The Stripe->AirTable Zap in question starts with Stripe, builds in a delay to ensure Acuity/Zapier/AirTable have time to create the AirTable record, then Formatter subtracts the Stripe Transaction Fee off of the Stripe Amount, and Formatter changes Stripe’s date-time format into what AirTable stores from Acuity.  At this point, I want Zapier to search AirTable for whatever record has *BOTH* the client’s name (from Stripe) *AND* the formatted time of when the booking was made, then update that record with the formatted income amount.

I think my Search Formula in the AirTable search step is breaking, but I don’t know why.  It is as follows:


{Client Name}= "<TriggerValue>1. Billing Details Name: XXX YYY <TriggerValue>"&"("&"<TriggerValue> 4. Created Formatted: 04/12/2020 12:20<TriggerValue>"&")"


That search step should give me the name (XXX YYY) and the date/time that the reservation was made (04/12/2020 12:20), for me to pull into my Update AirTable step, yes?   But when the search runs, I get the “Nothing could be found for the search” error.  Help?

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2 replies

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It’s hard to tell here what’s going on - But I’ve never ran into any technical issues with Airtable searches like this - I know it’s painful to suggest, but I would double and triple check your syntax and make sure you don’t have any unnecessary spaces or characters in your formula.


My advice? Start small, and build from there - That’s normally the best way to troubleshoot this kind of error.



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Hi @ParuzalGames !

Checking in to see if you are all set with your Stripe Zap or if you were still running into any trouble. If we can be of any help, please just let us know!