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Trying to send emails for every google sheet cell that has the current date in it

  • 21 August 2020
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I have a google sheet document that tracks turnaround times for our business. Each row represents a customer and their journey. There is one column with the date on when to reach out (always on a Thursday or Sunday).

I’m essentially trying to create a Zap that will send an email to each customer that needs to be reached out to on the current date. 


My current zaps go as follows:

Schedule → I have one set of Zaps to run on Thursdays and one on Sundays

Google Sheets Look Up SpreadSheet Row → finds the appropriate row by searching the column with the dates on when to reach out and matches it to one with today’s date

Filters based on order type → Irrelevant for my question here, but has an intermediary step that filters based on their order type (as I have multiple copies of this zap for different types of follow up to send to customers based on their order type)

Send Email → Pulls the name, email address, and delivery date to send an email to the customer.


When I did this, it found the first match and sent one email to that match. However, I had several more customers who needed to be reached out to. So my question is: How do I make a loop so it performs this zap until it has hit every “customer” ready to be reached out (that has today’s date in that column)?


Thanks so much in advance!


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You’ll need to configure your Zaps differently.

In GSheets, you’ll want to use another column that uses a formula to detect if the date value is TODAY and return a TRUE/FALSE.


  1. Trigger: GSheets - New/Updated Row
  2. Action: Filter for TRUE AND Order Type = XXX
  3. Action: [APP - e.g. Gmail] - Send Email