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Trying to post from Facebook Groups Photo to Discord. The image in Discord is tiny.

  • 4 June 2020
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I have selected (1. Picture...) to post to Discord but the resulting image is something like 60x80 pixels instead of full image.


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Hi @Telves!

Facebook is notorious for having many different sizes of their images, and for not always providing the link to the full-size image. Sometimes you’re able to substitute some parts of the URL in order to get the high-resolution image but not always.

One thing you can check is the link that you’re given in the Zap editor. Then compare that to the link for the full-size image. To get that, simply go to the post in Facebook, right-click on it and open the image in a new tab. They may be way too different to try and “re-construct” the format you need from the format you get in the Zap.

We have an existing feature request for Facebook Groups, to provide the full-size image. I’ve added your vote to that, so if it gets added you’ll be notified via email!

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Hi @Telves! It might be that the field from Facebook Groups isn’t the best for sharing an image on Discord.


Could I trouble you to share an image of the ‘Customize’ part of the discord step so that we can see what field is being used in the message? That might help us to see if there’s another way of sharing the image. Don’t forget to remove/block out any personal/private information in any screenshots that you share.

Thanks. I will try to do some text replacement for image links.


The linked image is 115x130 pixels:


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Hey folks 👋

I wanted to swing by here with a quick update on the Facebook Groups app

As a result of the upcoming changes to the Facebook Groups API, the Facebook Groups app on Zapier will be no longer usable from April 22, 2024.

Any zaps using Facebook Groups triggers or actions are expected to stop working on that day. You can learn more about this here: App update: Facebook Groups app removal

Please do reach out in Community if you have any questions in the meantime. 🧡