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Trigger Zap from existing items in Google Sheets

  • 20 May 2021
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I’d like to know if its possible to trigger a Zap from existing data in google sheets?

I already have a growing list of “leads” in a google sheet and I would like to know if I can make a zap to read all the past entries, starting from the very first row in that sheet, and then set the Zap so it take some actions such as sending an email to those “leads”.

What could be a workaround for this? Would this be possible?


Thank you. :grin:


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 21 May 2021, 01:39

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5 replies

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Hi @Sergio Duque 

Try using this GSheets Zap trigger: New/Updated Row



hey @Troy Tessalone , thanks for the reply and suggestion.

I believe it will not be a workaround for this particular case as I want to send an email to past entries.

I’m already using that Trigger to send some sequences once the lead comes to that particular GSheet, but now I’d like to reach out to those past leads and send them an Specific email and I’d like to find a way so I can leverage Zapier to individually send an email to those leads that are ALREADY in the sheet.

Any ideas? 

Thank you!


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Hi @Sergio Duque 

Try this…

Add another column to the GSheet that will be updated to trigger a new Zap.

Create a new Zap with the GSheet New/Updated Row and set the new column as the Trigger Column.


Hi @Troy Tessalone , that makes sense!

I didn’t think of it that way. :)

How would I move forward in order to trigger the column with the emails though?

The column has roughly 800+ emails in it.

Could It work if I simply set the trigger to anything and then copy/paste that value on the NEW triggering column so that the zap knows I want to activate it for all the rows in the sheet?

Or maybe 10 by 10, copy/pasting the triggering value 10 rows at a time, manually? I wouldn’t like zapier to have a blackout or stop working due to too many tasks activated at once.


What would you recommend me? How would you set the trigger?


thank you for the tip!

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@Sergio Duque 

Always best to test a subset of the data to confirm the results before doing bulk edits.

I suggest not doing more than small chunks at a time.

You could hit throttling limits with GSheets, Zapier, and/or the email app.