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Trigger step with OR conditions

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I’m pretty sure I know the answer to this question but thoguht I’d check with the community to see if anyone has a workaround

I’m setting up a Zap with a ConvertKit trigger when a subscriber is added to a new sequence. The trigger asks me to choose the trigger sequence. Rather than specifying one sequence, I’d like to trigger based on 2 or 3 sequences.

Is there a way I cause use a custom value with multiple sequnece ID’s with an ‘OR’ condition, something like this:

The reason being I’d prefer not to have to set up duplicate Zaps that basically do the same thing...


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I can’t think of a way to do this directly - The best workaround would be to send the data to a Sheet or Table first, and then trigger off that, combining the terms… This will reduce your steps to 2 forever, so  in big O terms, that’s O (log n), rather than O (n) … But to be honest, I think this would be a very valuable feature request

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Yeah I thought about that as well but really this would require a direct integration between ConvertKit and Google Sheets so that I can avoid having to create separate Zaps to add all records to the sheet.

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Hey @paulminors!

Curious, does ConvertKit allow you to trigger based on “all sequences”? And then from there, have a filter that only allows it to continue IF it’s from sequence ID 1234 or 4567.

Otherwise, I’d reach out to ConvertKit because this is a perfect example of a frustrating trigger. It’s such bad practice for a Zapier Connector to require filtering in a trigger step. The Dialpad Zapier integration used to do that actually, but I reached out to their API team and convinced them to allow for an “all data” trigger, as I explained that they were forcing me to have nearly 8 separate (nearly identical) zaps in order to get every scope to trigger because they were forcing the filter in the trigger.

Zapier has filters for a reason, connectors should never require a scope (filter) within the trigger step. Allowing for it, great! But requiring it? :cold_sweat:

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I actually think I’ve now found a solution. What I’ve done is set up a bunch of rules in ConvertKit where when someone joins a sequence, it adds a tag to the subscriber. I can then trigger my Zap from the tag, rather than the automation :)