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Trigger form but verify purchase

  • 17 February 2021
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We have a website we use WPForms with, once the form is filled out it will move over to Paypal for payment of service.  We need a zap that will trigger once the form is filled out, add that person to our Zoom meeting.  The problem we’re running into with WPForms → Zapier is they get registered even if they don’t pay.  Is there a way to pull in both the WPForm data and filter by PayPal complete?

We thought about using PayPal as the trigger, but the payPal payment email/contact information isn’t always the same as what the form filled out. 

I’m just looking for any thoughts or guidance here.


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Hi @ByteWerx 

It seems neither PayPal or WPForms have actions available to search after the trigger. Is there a status field returned from WPForms that you could filter off of? I.e. Status = Paid? 

If not, you may be able to explore setting up a custom webhook trigger with WPForms to send once payment is received and couple it with Zapier’s Webhook Trigger. 

If there is a way to tie the Paypal Info to the user who filled out the form, you could also try using Google Sheets as intermediary storage.

I.e WPForm Submissions get added to Google Sheets.
Then a separate zap triggers when PayPal payment is received that looks up a row on your Google Sheet and then uses the found Google Sheets info to add to Zoom. 

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Hi @ByteWerx 

Were you able to get this squared away based on the previous suggestions?

Please let us know, thanks.


@Troy Tessalone Unfortunately we did now.  We could not find a way to create the flow where we could check on a successful payment in PayPal BEFORE adding them to the Zoom Meeting.  It basically needed a sub-trigger inside of the Zap.


Our ultimate fix was to change from PayPal to Stripe as we could embed the CC payment into the form itself and not allow the trigger to happen until after payment was completed.