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Trello card creation and update date missing

  • 26 July 2021
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Hello, how are you?

I created a Zap that whenever a Trello card is moved to a specific column, it sends a message on a Slack channel.

Looking at the variables provided by Trello I couldn't find two very important variables.

They would be the creation date of the card in Trello and the date the card was moved to this specific column.

Can anyone tell me if these variables are available?



Best answer by Troy Tessalone 27 July 2021, 02:23

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3 replies

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Hi @GabrielNovaski 

Since the Zap will trigger when the Trello Card moves, you can insert the time your Zap runs into any action by using the {{zap_meta_human_now}} command. This will print a human-readable date and time in the following format: MM/DD/YY hh:mmAM/PM (e.g.,01/15/21 06:05PM).



To see if the Trello Card create date data point is available, you can try using another Zap Step: Trello Find Card


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Alternatively, if the Trello Card create date data point is not available, you can use another Zap to populate a custom field on the Trello Card with the create date of the Trello Card to then reference later.

OR maybe a Trello Automation (



Hi Troy, I wanted to thank you for your help.

I created a custom field called creation date and then created a custom rule in Trello, so that every time a card is created it puts the value of that custom field with the date of now.

Thank you very much