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Too many Zapier tasks calculated

  • 19 March 2020
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I have one Zap that has 1 Trigger step, 1 Filter, and and 1 Completion Step. The Zap pulls contacts from a Google Sheet, Filters out those missing emails, and adds them to Convert Kit. We add 50-100 people to the sheet each month. Only 1/3 of them pass the filter. 

Every month it says we exceed our 750 Task limit. How on earth is good math?!


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Hi @Gmazz!

The following count as tasks when your Zap runs:

  • Any successful action step
  • Any filter step that passes
  • Any time a path's rules pass

The following do not count as tasks:

  • Trigger steps
  • Filter steps that do not pass
  • Any step that hits an error
  • Any path group that did not run because the path's rules were not met
  • Any step that does not run, either because a previous filter didn't pass or because the Zap hit an earlier error

If, reading that, you think that your Zap hasn’t used as many tasks as Zapier thinks, the best thing to do is to contact the Support Team so that they can dig into your logs. The best way to get in touch with Support is through the contact form

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...if an action steps operates on several records (because let’s say there were 3 entries since last time the trigger ran) would it count as 1 task usage unit or 3?

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Hi @pdog - I think that would count as 3.

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Yes I confirmed that in the task history where I can see a zap ran over several records (same timestamp on the history record) and each one counted towards usage. Thanks!