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Synch activities between Hubspot and Freshsales

  • 28 February 2021
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Hey there, is there a way to set up a Zap that synchs activities between Hubspot CRM and Freshsales?

Specifically, I’m wanting the emails that have been sent from Hubspot (or synch’d to the Contact record in HubSpot from Gmail) to show up in the Lead record in Freshsales. Also, would like “notes” and the “call logs” synch’d Freshsales.

The use case is we’re outsourcing some sales prospecting activities, and the sub uses Hubspot. We use Freshsales. And, it would great to have a full synch on prospecting activities (emails, call logs, notes) between the two systems. 

Thanks for your responses!


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Hi @zapio 

Check out the available HubSpot triggers:

Check out the available Freshsales actions:

NOTE: You may have to use a Find/Search step.

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Hi @zapio,

There are two types of sync:

  1. One way: When something happens in place 1, it is sent to place 2
  2. Two ways: When something happens in place 1 or 2, it is sent to the opposite place (place 2 if first is place 1 and place 1 if first is place 2)

As of now, zapier doesn’t support 2-way syncing, so your information can travel from Place 1 to Place 2 but not from Place 2 to Place 1 at the same time (in one zap):

However, this 2-way syncing can easily be achieved by just creating two zaps that work in both directions.

I see that your case is 1-way syncing (we don’t usually use the word ‘sync’ for that, ‘sync’ is mostly used for 2-way sync), so you can just create a zap like this:

  • Select Hubspot for trigger> Use Email Event | Connect your HubSpot and do set up necessary options
  • Select Frshsales for action 1> (since you can’t directly add email into freshsales, you can do this) find lead (you need to find lead first so the automation knows who to add the notes to)
  • Select Freshsales for action 2> add note | Add the email body in the note.