Suggestions on apps and workflows to use for Tax Prep Service

  • 2 July 2021
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I’m looking at options for setting up a client workflow for a non-profit tax prep service. Right now I have the following needs:

  • Client makes an appointment using Acuity (possible this may change after review)
  • Client gets sent a link to a webform (created from an existing IRS PDF - right now I’ve only found PlatoForms to do this automagically) which they fill out, e-sign, and submit.
  • Multiple documents (the number varies by client) need to be uploaded to our OneDrive. The two options I see are:
    • Link to an upload page in the webform.
    • Email a link to an upload client after webform is submitted
  • At the appointment, we prepare the return using our tax software and have to send it to client for e-signature by client (and spouse, if applicable).

The sticking points are creating the webform (it has to be recreated every year); making it easy for non-tech-savvy clients to upload documents from desktop, mobile, or tablet; and allowing us to go back and send the final return to the client.


Appreciate any guidance/direction you can offer.

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1 reply

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Hi @SamIAm 

You can check out the available Zap apps here:

Perhaps consider hiring a Zapier Expert to help with your project: