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Squarespace Form with File Upload Zapped to Google Drive.

  • 2 April 2020
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I used Squarewebsites to get a plug-in for Squarespace so I could collect a file upload on a form. In my case, have a visitor upload their resume. 


I created a Zap to send the file from Squarespace to Google Drive. But it’s not working. In Drive, it creates a file with an error that says, 

<h1>Seems you are not logined on Uploader site, you can't access files.</h1>

Not even a word “logined”. So not sure where that is coming from. See attached screenshots. 

Drive says it’s not from them. 


I’m clearly logged into Drive. The Zap setup shows I selected the correct Drive account. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting it. I tested the connection and it said “success”. 


When Zapier sent the John Smith test data, that worked and created a document with the lorem ipsum. But when I tried uploading .doc or .pdf files in the form on my Squarespace website, in Drive it just created a document with the error message. It shows up in a couple different formats depending on what settings I chose in Zapier, but still no file. 


I appreciate any help figuring this out!!


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Hi @cjmd 

Terrible spelling aside, the problem here is with Squarespace, not Drive.

Basically, to access the file, you need to be logged in to ‘Uploader’ which I guess is a service SS is using to store uploads

*You* are logged in, but the Zapier server isn’t logged in and therefore can’t access the file. 

I'm going to flag this post for the Zapier Community Team. They might have encountered this before and can give some insight.

Sit tight, and someone will contact you soon.

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Hi @cjmd I’m sorry that you’re running into this issue with your Zap!


What’s happening here is that when the Zap tries to add the file to Google Drive, it’s going to  Squarespace and asking for the file, but Squarespace says ‘no, you can’t have it, you’re not a logged in user’ - that’s what’s creating the documents that you can see.  There isn’t a way around this I’m afraid - in order to upload a file to Google Drive, it needs to either be a publicly accessible link, or the file itself needs to be passed to the Zap from Squarespace.


As this form is coming from the plug in Squarewebsites (rather than Squarespace directly), you’ll need to contact them to ask about adding a publicly accessible download link. Sorry about that!

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@AndrewJDavison_Luhhu @Danvers Thank you both for the quick responses! That’s a bummer. I was able to connect Google Drive directly from Squarespace, it’s a little more cluttered with all the other form information in there. But it will work. 

If there is a way to pass the file itself to Zapier as an intermediary, that would be great. 

Thanks again for your help!!