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slack Limit action to only one emoji

  • 19 March 2021
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I created a Slack to Slack zap that each time a 📌 is clicked the message gets sent to a new slack channel called #Add_to_Wiki.

The problem is when someone else presses the 📌 emoji the same message gets sent again polluting the  wiki channel.

I tried looking but couldn't find anything to limit the reaction.

If that's not possible is there a way if the same message gets two reactions the second message  just threads to the first so it doesn't pollute the channel?


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 21 March 2021, 17:36

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Hi @dovigz 

You’d likely have to keep some sort of log to check against (e.g. in a GSheet)

Then you can check against the GSheet each time. (GSheets Lookup Row)

  • If match = TRUE, then don’t proceed, as that indicates a duplicate.
  • If match = FALSE, then “GSheet Add Row” and proceed, as that indicates no duplicate.
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Thanks @Troy Tessalone  that sounds like it could work but sounds complicated…. is it possible on just two actions?

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What do you mean by “2 actions"?

Do you mean a Zap with 2 Steps? (1 trigger + 1 action)

Zap would require at least 5 Steps


  1. Trigger: Slack - New Reaction Added
  2. Action: GSheets - Lookup Row
  3. Action: Filter (if match = FALSE)
  4. Action: GSheets - Add Row
  5. Action: Slack - New Message in Channel
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@Troy Tessalone \

I want something like this if possible


  1. Trigger: Slack - New Reaction Added
  2. Action: Slack - New Message in Channel and if the same message is there then thread it….
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Unfortunately, a Zap can’t be made that simple, hence the need for additional Zap action steps to apply the logic.