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Slack auto response to message in Private channel thread

  • 21 March 2020
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Is there a Zap for: see a message (key word) in a private channel then auto responding within a thread  (or starting a thread) to that message from my personal account with a set response? 


I know slackbot can do this with keywords but I want to do this with my personal account and have the message show coming from me in a thread. Not sure if Zapier is capable of this. 


edit: I was able to make a custom Zap Slack formula for this and it works great. However, it keep responding non-stop with my set canned response...instead of only replying once. I have to turn off the Zap for it to stop responding. 


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Hi @Motrin! Nice work on figuring this out, though I’m sorry that you ran into a loop!

Does the auto-response contain the keyword that triggers the Zap? If so that’ll be the trouble here. 


Will the autoresponder to ever need to reply to posts in a thread? If not, there is a way that you can add a filter to stop that looping behaviour. You need to add a filter in the step, looking for the Thread Timestamp (“Thread TS”) field:


In the example above, I wanted the Zap to continue if the message posted in Slack is in a thread, in your case you would need to set the Filter condition to ‘Does not Exist’. 


​I hope that helps, please let me know if you have any questions!